Incoming Acts of Kindness

Today I’m sharing some incoming mail with you – two are Random Acts of Kindness and the third a Pay it Forward.

The first is a RAK I received quite some time ago, but never said thank you for properly because of my crazy schedule at the time. But this happy collection of vintage ephemera and other bits and bobs is from omnivoracious – her IG feed is gorgeous, andĀ ifĀ you check it out give her a shout and let her know who sent you šŸ™‚

My favourite was the card with an actual pressed flower on it – so pretty!

The second RAK was a bit of Surprise Mail from a girl on The Postal Society, Tania. Surprise Mail is pretty much what it sounds like, a list of addresses that people from time to time will select randomly from and send something fun to. All you have to do to get on the list is be active on The Postal Society for a while and ask for the password.

Last, but not least, here is the Pay it Forward that I received from ara_esp. I really love most of her creations, she’s got a fantastic way with pastels and layering that I’m profoundly envious of. She also has an etsy shop, in which she sells envelopes, cute planner clips and more.

Thank you again, all you lovely ladies that sent me super cute things!

May the postman deliver ever in your favour,
x Alex.


Secret Penpal Scavenger Hunt 2015: Incoming

It’s reveal day! And I was lucky enough to receive my package just before the big day, and it was looking gorgeous.

A few times now, Ā Fab of wreckthisgirl fame has organized the Secret Penpal Scavenger Hunt. This time around I was lucky enough to both know about it and have some extra time on my hands to participate.

I’ve split my reveal into two posts – one containing my own outgoing and one with the incoming parcel. My outgoing post will be published tomorrow!

Now let’s get on to the fun part. My no-longer-secret penpal was Lorraine Bell, a mixed media artist from Florida. She sent me a ton of goodies, and I’m so happy about the box I received! Everything was elegantlyĀ wrapped in cute kraft based paper bags or fabric pouches.Ā 

There was also this large tissue paper wrapped package.

Having fulfilled my photo-taking duties I felt free to dig into each of the small packages, allĀ of which wereĀ filled with some lovely surprises.

I first opened the big tissue wrapped package – unlike when I was a kid, I don’t always feel obliged to keep the biggest giftsĀ for last. The package containedĀ  Souvenirs from where she livesĀ and it was a lovely little set of things – a cap, a shot glass, some post cards and a mickey mouse key ring.

Next up was theĀ Gift just for me, and Lorraine managed to grab just the right IKEA tags. I’ve been wanting to get more of them, and these were exactly the ones I didn’t already have.

For the prompt Something that represents me she sent some stickers andĀ cards with her art on it. Isn’t it all so colourful and lovely? The paper clip has such a fun texture to it.

Lorraine also threw in some of her favourite candies. I’ve never tried this type before, but I’m excited to do so later. I always think it’s a blast to try the candy from other countries, and this seems to be an old classic type.

Next I reached for the canvas pouch, curious about what theĀ Some quirky thingsĀ tag might be referring to. Inside was a fun mix of things: Matroschka doll pen, glittery nail polish, target dollar spot page flags (yes!), thin duct tape, and a stamp.

There was also this unlabelled muslin bag which had been sown together. Those who know me know I’m a curious and stubborn person by nature. The bag itself was lovely, and I didn’t want to cut it open, but IĀ don’t have access to a seam ripper in my university halls. So I grabbed a scissor and a needle and started at it. My flatmate spent the entire time laughing at me, but I was very satisfied when I got the bag open! Inside was a package of mixed mediaĀ paper bases, a notebook, some ribbon and perhaps most fun of all, a vintage grapho analysis book. I’m definitely looking forward to reading about the study of handwriting.

Last, but the very opposite of least, was theĀ Some mailing suppliesĀ bag. I know you shouldn’t play favourites, but I loved absolutely everything in here – it was perfectly collected just for me. Four for you, Lorraine! Inside were cards, vintage stamps, sticky note labels, personalized tags, chalkboard labels, and my personal favourite super cute library style card holders.

Thank you so much Lorraine for your package, it was a blast to have you as my secret penpal. The gifts you sent me were wonderful, and I’m sure I’ll find a lot of use for them – if I can bring myself to stop hoarding, that is! šŸ˜‰

Lastly, here are some pictures of my favourites in the package,just because I got all excited opening it!

And a close-up of that Hungarian vintage stamp, just because it’s so gorgeous!

Exchanging air mail

In response toĀ a previous postĀ I got a request to exchange air mail labels with a girl from Malaysia. While I myself only had Royal Mail stickers, she collects air mail labels and was quite excited to get a hold of some from the UK.

As a part of the exchangeĀ I included some stamps, since she collects those too, to make up for the lack of mix in air mail stickers. At least there were a bunch of them!Ā I also found some packaging labels, and since they fit so well with the colour scheme I threw them in too – after all, some of them say air mail, even if they aren’t official post labels.

In return, I got this lovely little letter in my mail box from Meryl.

The picture doesn’t quite do the cuteness of the envelope justice, and I absolutely love the big floral stamps! The key focus of the letter was of course the air mail labels, and they too were lovely.

Really enjoyed this little swap, and might very well do some more in the future!