Pressed flowers and tea

Maria is one of the first pen pals I got, and I couldn’t be happier to have her. Her mail is stunning and her envelopes can be easily recognized. It’s always fun to make her a reply, an inspirational exchange of sorts.

I’ve been back on a bit of a booklet binge lately, and this one falls in teh same vein. This time, however, I went back to my original idea of overlapping flats and layers sticking out on all ends. Not all flaps are centred, but in the end they all slide nicely into each other.

I aped in some pressed flowers from this spring for some colour and texture. More texture was added by embossing a paper with the smile print. By smudging ink of different shades onto a paper and rubbing an almost water colour appearance came out.

I love this quote, and have used it in several bits of mail lately. Really enjoyed how the die cut frame game some dramatic flair.

In the envelope I added some goodies and my mail tag answers. And a bag of chamomille tea, to enjoy as autumn envelopes us in bright colours and chilly winds.

Decorated the envelope to match the contents, added the booklet and some post cards and sent it off to Poland!

May the postman deliver ever in your favour,
Alex x.