Autumn in my Gold Kikki K: Dashboard set-up

Since the last planner post went over so well – mostly due to the featuring on Philofaxy – I thought I’d share my set-up in my large gold Kikki K. Philofaxy is an amazing resource for anything filofax, or just for ringbinder planners in general, and I’d really recommend anyone interested pop over there. Plenty of functional printables for all sizes if you’re interested in that kind of thing.

This is the view that greets me as I open it, and I really do love how the bright colours and patterns have a practically immediately positive impact on my mood. The mixing of orange, red with pink and bright yellow felt very outside my comfort zone, but the more I’ve been looking at it the more I like it.

I really like how the Kikki K has a bunch of pockets on the left and I frivolously stuff them with planner accessories. I love how most of the things I put in the pockets have a functional purpose, but the combination and layering gives it a creative flair.

The top part of the pockets hold mostly cards and various paper clips. The patch at the top is one I embroidered and put on a paper clip I had lying around. I like the added whimsy of them and I’ll definitely be making more once I get back into embroidering, which tends to happen as we move into winter. The bigger pockets also carry some round stickers that I use to highlight important events, deadlines or meetings, or just add some colour.

The very bottom pocket carries a bunch of sticky notes from Knock Knock. I love this brand and have a whole series of their stuff. Putting the fun back in functional, cheesy pun intended. I mostly tend to leave the project life cards, but will sometimes nab them if a weekly spread needs something a little more permanent than a post-it.

On the left is my actual dashboard. I’ve kept the original Kikki K dividers as they’ve served me well, but I do prefer something a little brighter than the dull grey. Using different coordinating washis to add some project life cards with nice patterns and an inspirational quote does exactly that. I left one of the cards open at the top so I could use it as a pocket for my washi sampler.

I think the key thing about a dashboard setup is that it needs to be functional. I know I’ve emphasised the pretty looks above, but form definitely follows function. Everything is either securely tucked in a pocket or help in place by a paperclip – the planner can be moved around and wiggled vigorously without fear of anything falling out. They’re there to be inspirational, to encourage me to use the planner and follow through. The purpose is not for the planner to become dainty.


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