Living the planner girl life

Those of you who follow me on instagram are probably aware that I love a bit of creative planning alongside my lettering. It’s just so much more fun to start on the day’s tasks when you have something pretty staring back at you.

This is my current set-up in my Filofax Original in Dark Aqua. A combination of pinks, reds, aquamarine and mint. Such a happy combination!

Love the bit of flimsy that the Kikki K cat pen adds, and am really happy that my friend from Australia sent me the fruit bookmarks. I really do love all the Kikki K things, now I just need to find a job so I can binge!

The embroidered patch paperclip I made a while back, I think it’s super cute. Been considering selling them, but wouldn’t know what to charge, they’re fairly time consuming.

And last but not least, my dashboard: An inspirational project life card stuck down with what’s probably still my favourite washi. And that Ice cream binder clip that my sister gifted me. She’s a star!


6 thoughts on “Living the planner girl life

  1. This is so adorable! You’ve got quite the eye for design. I’ll definitely follow your insta! ❤️ Id love to share ideas!


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