When life gives you lemons

Summer has been drawing to a close around here, but that doesn’t mean that you have to stop using all the bright cheery colours that are associated with it. I spent a few weeks at home in Sweden this summer, and I took the opportunity to use some of my mother’s great stash of tools and paints. All in all this is a rather simple letter, but it was a lot of sun putting it together!

As some may have noticed I love putting together small mail booklets. Below are the pages I put together – almost! As I sat down to pack it all up I decided it didn’t feel quite finished, and added a bunch of small details. Unfortunately,Ā I didn’t have any time to take new pictures. The page excerpts below should still give you a good idea of what it looked like!

Some of the edits included writing in some inspirational quotes, adding extra headings and stickers. And of course a little bit of stamping – I love my roller stamps!

Then it was all wrapped up and put into this bright envelope. A little bit of lemon themed summer.

May the postman deliver ever in your favour,

Alex x.


London Transport Museum

When I cam across some pamphlets from theĀ London Transport Museum I immediately wanted to cut them to pieces and make mail out of them. And so I did! The result was the letter below, sent out to Kat in March but not reaching her until June or so – had me a bit worried there for a bit. Post to Canada generally arrivesĀ quicker.

The colours are vintage inspired, but brighter and thus still quite fresh and modern. I included some washi samples, a bit of tape measure, project life cards and other small goodies in the letter.

The mail tagĀ was written on decorated revision cards, which gave me even more opportunity to use the pamphlet illustrations.

The letter is where I used the big illustrations, including my favourite of the bus with people spilling out. I added that to a quick little washi collage which reinforced the colour scheme. Here are some detail shots of the decorations of the letter pages.

All the diffrent bits and bobs where then put into a goodie bag which I used as envelope. I like this extra pop of colour in the mail!

It ended up as quite a bulky letter, but surely that’s only fun?

May the postman deliver ever in your favour,

Living the planner girl life

Those of you who follow me on instagram are probably aware that I love a bit of creative planning alongside my lettering. It’s just so much more fun to start on the day’s tasks when you have something pretty staring back at you.

This is my current set-up in my Filofax Original in Dark Aqua. A combination of pinks, reds, aquamarine and mint. Such a happy combination!

Love the bit of flimsy that the Kikki K cat pen adds, and am really happy that my friend from Australia sent me the fruit bookmarks. I really do love all the Kikki K things, now I just need to find a job so I can binge!

The embroidered patch paperclip I made a while back, I think it’s super cute. Been considering selling them, but wouldn’t know what to charge, they’re fairly time consuming.

And last but not least, my dashboard: An inspirational project life card stuck down with what’s probably still my favourite washi. And that Ice cream binder clip that my sister gifted me. She’s a star!

A little something for Amanda

I’m really enjoying finding my way back to making some creative mail again. Had a computer crash (NOOOOOOOO!) but still had some of my outgoings uploaded to the cloud so thought I’d share one of them with you now. So wihtout further ado, here it is:

I loved how the bright red and mint popped, so kept it nice and simple like that. The sticky notes included as a goodie have funny fortune cookie style messages, like “The heart wants what the heart wants: an unending supply of human blood”. I think they’re hilarious, hopefully they will make her giggle too.

The unicorn was a gift from my sister – such a fun little prop. It’s also a pencil sharpener, I’m so fond of it.

Until next time.

May the postman deliver ever in your favour,