Some Swedish Pride

A new penpal from the US asked me a lot of things about where I was from in her opening letter. Since one of the things that stood out to me during my year there was how few people knew anything about our tiny country in the north, I decided to make Sweden the theme of the letter.

Opening letters are always a little hard I think, and having a theme that directs the letter itself makes it easier to start a conversation. To aid conversation in future letters, a mail tag note was of course there too!

The tuck-ins included some blue and yellow washi tape, since those are the colours of the flag. I also added a small garland with Swedish flag bunting on it.

The airplane sticker flakes were made using some stamps I got on sale just after Christmas, they fit just right on some label paper I had lying around. I quite imagine this will be a recurring thing.

I hope she enjoys this little bit of happy mail!

May the mail man deliver ever in your favour,


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