A few weeks back Janette Lane came up with the idea of sending letters in plastic card holders. The idea was genius in it’s simplicity, and it caught on like wildfire, creating it’s own little subgenre in the happy mail world. As someone who is generally late to the party (but enthusiastic when I get there),it was a lot of fun seeing all of this unfold and even participate. And hey – I’ve never gotten to give a tiny movement a name before. That’s right, Janette was kind enough to use my #pocketletters idea for her project! On IG that hashtag is full of inspiration.

Janette also offered to do a one-off swap with anyone who’d discussed the project with her in those early stages, and I gladly put it on my to-do list. Unfortunately, final year at university is a pretty demanding time – any opportunities for letter writing were saved for my penpals, who are too kind and so patient with me.

Eventually, I did come up with this pastel concoction. Everything is in the blue to pink range, with a lot of gold detailing that doesn’t quite show up in the pictures. It’s full of various goodies!


After I’d made it, it took me another few weeks to send it – and that’s the part that I’m really feeling a bit ashamed about. I’m just bad at making it to the post-office before it closes, and this one here was too heavy for the stamps I had lying around at home.Thankfully, it’s now made it’s way to Janette, and I hope she appreciates it!