Flowery mail for Sunshine

Sorry for disappearing from this blog and most other places online – exam season is upon me and I’ve had to put snail mailing to the side. But here’s a little something I sent out a while ago. Sadly, it was apparently quite badly damaged on it’s journey.

A while back I was contacted on IG by Ayabulela, also called Sunshine, and after having seen her beautiful mail I really couldn’t say no. This was my first outgoing to her, and to South Africa – I love exchanging mail with people from new places, it feels like such a great opportunity to learn more about them.

She’d said she liked flowers, so I thought that would be a good starting point for a theme.

For this letter, I also wanted to play around a little more with stamps. So I prettied up some ruled paper with some flower stamps, and gave my mail tag headings a nice dotted background. I didn’t have any pink ink, so I doodled on some flowers in pencil, and hand lettered the headings. I also used some of my old scrapbook stash chipboard alphas for her name.

I’d recently bought some new washi tape which I was excited to test drive, so I put together the little garland, as well as some washi collages at the bottom of the mail tag sheets for an additional pop of colour.

The flower card is a vintage cigarette card, and I attached my washi tape sample tags to it. The mini-tags are small gold foiled price tags, just the right size to spin some 15mm washi around. The elastic thread attachment also makes it super easy if you want to just thread them to  your planner rings and bring them with you right off the bat.

I included an envelope with some sticker flakes, paper bits and a Swedish stamp with flowers on it, to go with the theme.

Then I wrapped it all up in the garland, trying to get the flags on it nicely spread out.

Finally it all went into a goodie bag envelope. Royal Mail are currently running with an Alice in Wonderland stamp set, and they’re really cute. I’m definitely going to have to head over and buy a few for future mail.

May the postman deliver ever in your favour,