Seeing the greenery themed mail

Maria is a pen friend from Poland who I know loves to travel and enjoys the vintage aesthetic. I always try to play to that when I make her letters, personally I love it when my pen pal has made a clear attempt to include things I like but inย their own style.

This dotted stamp is rapidly becoming one of my favourites – it just makes for such a nice detail when you want to emphasize something, like a heading. Besides, it’s an extra pop of colour which can be however subtle the ink you choose to use is.

This letter included quite a long mail tag, that covers a few different papers and a long folded up piece of paper. I also included some retro post cards that fit both the colours and the theme – they’re from the Penguin post card boxes series. They’re great quality and I absolutely recommend them!

I bundled all the bits and pieces – letter, mail tag, post cards, a washi sample and a book plate – together with some green yarn. I love a parcel wrapped in string, can’t help myself!

And then all that was left was to pop it in the envelope and add a return address – just in case.

May the postman deliver ever in your favour,


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