Paying it Forward

A few weeks back I stumbled across a post by Araย that invited people to play along in a game of Pay it Forward. The rules were simple – you’d just repost the Pay it Forward image on your instagram, and commit to sending something to the first five people who commented and then did the same on their IGs. I remembered to take pictures of two of them, so I can share them with you here! I purposefully made the two of them with largely the same content, but added in different PL cards and the list pads are different styles too.

Here’s the first one: And here’s the second one, as you can see, I went for sort of steely monochrome colours for both parcels. I really hope the girls that received them enjoyed them – putting together RAKs are so much fun! May the postman deliver ever in your favour, x Alex.


9 thoughts on “Paying it Forward

      1. The Kiwi one is great too – so many bright colours! I bought the ‘Desktop’ a month or so, and that one has so many gorgeous cards as well – and I might just have to get the ‘Fine and Dandy’ kit when it comes to the UK. #obsessed #willhavetoliveoffnoodles #worthit

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    1. I don’t think there’s a central website or insta account for it – I’ve just seen it pop up in my feed from time to time (it was a while ago now). I think it’s just a spontaneously organized thing that anyone can get involved with!

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