Butterflies fluttering all the way to Nantucket

I came across Michelle quite early on in her IG letter writing career – which is fantastic, since she was still looking for new penpals and I fit the bill. So far, all the mail I’ve seen from her is stunning, and totally imbued with her own style. If you’re looking for some more happy mail inspiration, I’d go follow her right this moment.

I apologize for the pictures below, they were taken on a cloudy day when the sun refused to come out and give them some bright life.

Butterflies very much became the theme for this letter, combined with earthy hues – greens and soft light browns and beige. While the card looked small to write in at first, and I considered glueing in an extra sheet of paper (I’m a very verbose and rambly writer – and talker, for that matter) I actually ended up fitting everything in quite nicely.

As for goodies I included some of my Project life cards, a mail tag, chalkboard labels, a temporary tattoo and a 3D butterfly embellishment. I also threw in a news paper clipping on stuff that had been recently happening at my university for an added local touch.

I put the card into the envelope, then wrapped the goodies in a green bit of yarn, before sticking all of it in a see through bag, in order to make the parcel fun right from the moment of picking it up. The address went on the inside envelope.

I tried sticking some vintage stamps onto it, but the gumming wouldn’t stick to the cellophane bag and I had to abandon that plan, instead covering the letter in lower denomination stamps with ‘sticker backing’. Lesson learnt!

May the postman deliver ever in your favour,
x Alex.

12 thoughts on “Butterflies fluttering all the way to Nantucket

  1. Jessica is right, your mail always is so pretty! This one, in particular, looks so sweet and spring-like. I love the idea of putting mail in a clear bag– not only will Michelle be pleased, but I’m sure all the people handling the mail will be, as well.


    1. Hi! Quite an entertaining portmanteau! I say if you like it, then go for it! I’m on IG as devalayermail – also posting penpal and filofax things – feel free to connect if you want!!


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