Seeing the greenery themed mail

Maria is a pen friend from Poland who I know loves to travel and enjoys the vintage aesthetic. I always try to play to that when I make her letters, personally I love it when my pen pal has made a clear attempt to include things I like but in their own style.

This dotted stamp is rapidly becoming one of my favourites – it just makes for such a nice detail when you want to emphasize something, like a heading. Besides, it’s an extra pop of colour which can be however subtle the ink you choose to use is.

This letter included quite a long mail tag, that covers a few different papers and a long folded up piece of paper. I also included some retro post cards that fit both the colours and the theme – they’re from the Penguin post card boxes series. They’re great quality and I absolutely recommend them!

I bundled all the bits and pieces – letter, mail tag, post cards, a washi sample and a book plate – together with some green yarn. I love a parcel wrapped in string, can’t help myself!

And then all that was left was to pop it in the envelope and add a return address – just in case.

May the postman deliver ever in your favour,


Paying it Forward

A few weeks back I stumbled across a post by Ara┬áthat invited people to play along in a game of Pay it Forward. The rules were simple – you’d just repost the Pay it Forward image on your instagram, and commit to sending something to the first five people who commented and then did the same on their IGs. I remembered to take pictures of two of them, so I can share them with you here! I purposefully made the two of them with largely the same content, but added in different PL cards and the list pads are different styles too.

Here’s the first one: And here’s the second one, as you can see, I went for sort of steely monochrome colours for both parcels. I really hope the girls that received them enjoyed them – putting together RAKs are so much fun! May the postman deliver ever in your favour, x Alex.

A Sprinkle of Happy Mail

I recently managed to get my hands on some sprinkles washi tape which I’ve been eyeing for quite some time. Naturally, I had to put it to good use instantly, and spent an evening catching up on Once Upon a Time and stationery decorating.

I’ve been trying to be a little more adventurous with my decorating, and go beyond my washi collages. A dotted stamp made for a good heading background,┬áand ┬áthere are even some doodles to add to the fun.

Since I’m in love with this sprinkles washi and Amanda has told me she likes washi but doesn’t have much of it, it seemed like a perfect little goodie to include.

Several people on IG have been playing around with confetti recently, and I cut up some tissue paper to make confetti of my own and threw some of it into the envelope. Hopefully it’ll be a fun detail when she opens and not cause too much of a mess!

Finally I popped it all into one of my goodie bags and taped it together. I also finally tried out my HEMA wax seal stamp. Perfect for happy mail!

May the postman deliver ever in your favour,

Butterflies fluttering all the way to Nantucket

I came across Michelle┬áquite early on in her IG letter writing career – which is fantastic, since she was still looking for new penpals and I fit the bill. So far, all the mail I’ve seen from her is stunning, and totally imbued with her own style. If you’re looking for some more happy mail inspiration, I’d go follow her right this moment.

I apologize for the pictures below, they were taken on a cloudy day when the sun refused to come out and give them some bright life.

Butterflies very much became the theme for this letter, combined with earthy hues – greens and soft light browns and beige. While the card looked small to write in at first, and I considered glueing in an extra sheet of paper (I’m a very verbose and rambly writer – and talker, for that matter) I actually ended up fitting everything in quite nicely.

As for goodies I included some of my Project life cards, a mail tag, chalkboard labels, a temporary tattoo and a 3D butterfly embellishment. I also threw in a news paper clipping on stuff that had been recently happening at my university for an added local touch.

I put the card into the envelope, then wrapped the goodies in a green bit of yarn, before sticking all of it in a see through bag, in order to make the parcel fun right from the moment of picking it up. The address went on the inside envelope.

I tried sticking some vintage stamps onto it, but the gumming wouldn’t stick to the cellophane bag and I had to abandon that plan, instead covering the letter in lower denomination┬ástamps with ‘sticker backing’. Lesson learnt!

May the postman deliver ever in your favour,
x Alex.