Valentines for Valerie

Generally speaking, I’m not that much for Valentines.

I don’t know why. I like to think I’m a fairly romantic person, but there’s just something about the mandated expression of affection that just doesn’t quite sit right with me.

That said, I’m all for showing some love and affection, and any excuse is a good one, non? Since the timing was right, I decided to make my next letter to Valerie a Valentine’s love letter.

Moving out of my childhood home this Christmas had it’s upsides – digging through all those old drawers and boxes helped me find some cute letter sets that I got when I was about 10. Among them, were these purple heart shaped papers with matching envelopes, which seemed very appropriate.

As my fondness for gold still seems to be on the rise, I used some gold twine to wrap the various bits and bobs into a little parcel.

May the mail man deliver ever in your favour,

Alex xx


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