Origami fox mail

Right before Christmas me and some friends took a trip to the local IKEA. One of the lucky finds was this origami fox wrapping paper. Isn’t it super cute? Unfortunately I didn’t have time to do much wrapping of gifts before I flew back to Sweden, and the roll didn’t fit into my suitcase. But the almost waxy nature of the paper makes it perfect for envelopes!

I got to know Joeylyn from The Postal Society and this is the first letter I’m sending her. she’s a big fan of retro and vintage stuff, so I focused on that.

I stamped the contents onto the envelopes with some stamps I got from my sister for Christmas. I love them, I keep wanting to use them on everything!

The ephemera envelope contains the various bits of paper and the stamped bicycle stickers I made. I also had this Paris themed magnet with the Eiffel Tower on it, which I hope she’ll enjoy.

The washi samples are from some of my recent acquisitions, and went really well with the theme. Finally I wrapped it all up in string.

I brought my wax seals with me back to England and I was quite excited to put them to good use again. Some bakers twine around the envelope and a wax seal later, it ended up looking like this:

Despite the misspelled Philippines, I’m really happy with it.

May the mail man deliver ever in your favour,


7 thoughts on “Origami fox mail

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever loved anything as much as I love that green fox origami wrapping paper. Ikea really sells some fantastic stuff!
    And you make fantastic letters, as usual. I love the vintage theme and the bicycle stamps, in particular, are very nice. I’m sure Joeylyn is going to adore it!


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