Snail Mail Circus

One of the best snail mail websites, in my humble opinion, is The Postal Society.Β It’s more interactive than I’ve found many others to be, and it’s quite easy to get involved with. It also has some of my favourite happy mail people. If you want to get in touch me on there, this is my profile.

Katrina is one of the people I’ve met on PS, and this is my starter for her.

Since I’ve been on a blue and red binge lately, and recently received some gold pens and glitter tape from my sister, I figured it was time for a circus themed letter with lots of stripes.

As you can see above, the inside of the letter is mostly blue/black/gold. Maybe not the most circusy thing you’ve ever seen. But when you fold up the letter, you get a little carousel horse decoration.

The tuck-ins for this one were quite fun too, I think. There’s a fortune teller fish, which is a small plastic fish which you put in your hand and depending on how it folds itself it’s supposed to say something about you. A temporary tattoo – “Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt” – in a sort of circus font. And lastly some washi tape samples, including my beloved cat tape.

Added in a mail tag envelope and wrapped it all up in bakers twine, and then it was ready to be sent of to the Philippines!


12 thoughts on “Snail Mail Circus

    1. Thank you! Do check it out πŸ™‚ And I started doing quite a few swaps and sending things of to good friends at the start of last summer, but only got properly into it penpalling around September/October of last year. I’m so happy I found the snail mailing community on PS and IG – such a welcoming crowd πŸ˜€

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  1. Always lovely! I love the little carousel image! I have an account with the Postal Society but I haven’t been active over there. I’m happy to hear that it’s such a great place to find new pen pals!


    1. Thank you! πŸ˜€ I vary in how active I am on there, but lately I’ve been on quite a bit – someone is setting up a fictional correspondence there and I’m quite intrigued to be joining in ^^


  2. Ugh!! Your craftiness makes me jealous..both of your mad skills and of the recipient of your awesome letters!! haha! Those envelopes you use..are they kind of like treat bags? Either way..I love how this turned out! It’s really cute! I’ve also never heard of the Postal society and must check it out! πŸ™‚


  3. Oh I just LOVE your snail mail photos! Such inspiration. I’ve only just gotten into snail-mailing my self and am loving how creative it is.


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