Next stop: Poland.

I’ve been getting most of my new penpals from instagram, and I think it’s a great way to communicate and connect with the larger snail mail community – besides, there’s so much inspiration to be found there!

Since I’ve just been told that my letter has arrived safely, I can now share it with the rest of you without spoiling the surprise! This letter went out to Justyna from Poland.

It was one of those letters where I looked into my washitape box, picked one, and the rest of the theme came from that. I’d only recently got the coffee and cake washi tape, and was really excited to use it. I also shared some samples with my new penfriend.

I’ve been wrapping a lot of my recent mail in string, and I really like how it makes the whole thing feel like a little bundle of happiness. I’m probably going to need to invest in some more bakers twine…

Here’s a little zoom in on some of the letter details. The time tape note is from a smashbook tape I got a long time ago and haven’t used because I liked it so much – but no more of that! These things are meant to be enjoyed, not saved for eternity for the sake of itself.

I kept the envelope simple, but really liked the look of it in the end. More postage was obviously necessary, but I didn’t have any lying around at the time.


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