Some Christmas love to Poland

This year I was looking forward to sending off some Christmas letters and cards, since I’m usually not the best at it. A combination of moving houses, exams and family obligations all worked against me, but I did manage to get a few small parcels off. One of them was this letter to Maria in Poland.

Since Maria’s birthday is in mid December, the parcel is a mix of Christmassy and Birthday things. I included some balloons and a small birthday card, but kept the rest along a vintage Christmas theme.

I really love the way kraft paper can look when contrasted with white and another focal colour.

This letter included both some ephemera and some labels that I made using the Sizzix BigShot (that thing is amazing). I also found a bare chipboard letter which I coloured green using some stamping ink – using that rather than paint makes it a little more rugged and with slightly more colour shifts. The letter also ends up with a completely different texture than when painted, less smooth.

I wrapped it all up in red and white bakers twine, since thanks to the Christmas spirit all around me it made me think of candy canes.

Hope all of you have had a wonderful Christmas thus far, and get another few days to enjoy it further.

Happy New Year, and may the postman deliver ever in your favour.


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