This is for: YOU.

Next on the list to receive a little book of notes from me is Vetrica. Vetrica was my room mate during my year at Cornell, and let me tell you, she’s fantastic. In both Sweden and England it’s really uncommon to have room mates – you have flat mates and house mates and people in the same corridor, but you don’t actually share the same room with anyone. Your room is your space, and I like having some space that is my own. But since I was dedicated to trying out the American college experience the American way, I signed up to have a room mate.

Vetrica is the kind of room mate that’s so easy to get along with that you feel a little silly for worrying in the first place. And since I got used to having her special brand of awesome around, I miss her now that we’re on opposite sides of the planet. And what better reason to send a letter?

After a lot of flipping through my scrapbook papers, I finally settled on a few papers to guide the colour scheme. Mint is one of my favourite colours, and I have a tendency to reach for it first. The same thing goes for lime green. This time I combined it with various shades of brown, going for a sort of modernized vintage feel (does that even make any sense?).

Here’s another picture that shows off the layers, I’m a total sucker for it.

The little banner was sold as a cupcake topper, but I think it stands in quite well as an embellishment.

The embossed typewriter key card I made using my mother’s Sizzix machine – she’s on their design team, and does some pretty amazing scrapbooking (shout out!). Since I love typewriters, I carried that through on the final page with a stamp cut out.

Much like the last book of notes, the final page has a number of memory snippets with things that make me think of her.

Until next time, all the best.


2 thoughts on “This is for: YOU.

  1. Your little booklet is so pretty! The colors do work really well together and I get what you mean by “modern vintage.” The whole thing is lovely and I’m sure Vetrica will love it.
    I didn’t know roommates weren’t the norm in Sweden and England. Overall, did you like living with someone?


    1. Thank you once more! I’m glad the modern vintage thing made sense to you.
      Having a room mate worked out really well for me, so I can’t say I minded, and I probably wouldn’t have met her if we hadn’t shared a room. But in the larger scheme of things I prefer to have my own room – I keep a weird schedule and can be kind of messy. Currently, I’ve got my own room, with a good friend technically living in the next room over but spending most of her time in my room – I’m really liking that arrangement 😀

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