Answering my first penpal ad

After having pinned a big board full of snail mail inspiration, trying out swapbot for a while, and having sent off some letters to people I know, it felt like time for something new. Largely because I knew that what I wanted was a penpal, and for all that I enjoyed sending notes and surprises to some  of my friends replies were sparse.

I’d been keeping up with Penpal of the Week for some time, and figured I’d take the opportunity to write to someone from there.

With summer still strong I decided to use greens and yellows. To contrast those soft colours I used stark blacks and whites. And for no other reason than a general fondness I mixed it all up with a bunch of kraft coloured papers I found in an old notebook.

I had a really fun time putting this together, and quickly decided that I wanted to include a lot of small tidbits and separate notes. Part of that was the small circular tag. I’m in love with the vintage stamps I used for this, and especially like the way they look on textured cardstock.

Writing to a new person who you really don’t know is always hard, but thanks to the generally quite extensive ads that people send to Julie at Penpal of the Week it becomes easier.

I wrapped this little package for Crystal up in a nice little dotted ribbon before putting it in the envelope.

I also used one of my wax seals as a final touch. Since it would be going through the mail (internationally at that) I made sure to use the flexible wax – that way, you don’t have to worry about it cracking and breaking before it reaches it’s recipient!

Unfortunately, due to no reply despite a few months having passed, I have to assume that Crystal decided that I wasn’t the pen pal she was looking for. Nonetheless, I was happy with the effort I put into this little starter package.


12 thoughts on “Answering my first penpal ad

  1. Awww … this is such a lovely package you’ve put together. But you know, maybe it’s just delayed or maybe even lost? Keep trying though, whoever becomes your penfriend is lucky indeed 🙂 Happy snailmailing!


    1. Thank you for your kind words! Maybe it did get lost – you never really know with snail mail, I guess that’s part of the excitement! Either way, I did enjoy putting it together and this way I can share it with people here. Happy Snailmailing!

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  2. Your mail is like art work. I am forever creating gift tags with ribbon and personal notes for gifts I give. Half the excitement in receiving a gift is the beautiful packaging that is done with thought and care – it ratchets up the anticipation of opening it! I find your love of paper and craft very akin to mine and it really lifts my spirits! Thank you for sharing this on your blog, very cool. I am sure your pen pal will love it.


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I definitely agree that a thoughtfully wrapped gift it wonderful. It let’s you enjoy the gift before you’ve even seen it! My sister is great at gift wrapping, and sometimes I hardly want to open them because I think they’re such wonderful little artworks on their own. It’s always nice to hear from someone who enjoys a bit of paper crafting. Hope you have a great weekend!

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  3. Your package is absolutely beautiful!! The colors are lovely and it must be so much fun to get a bunch of small tidbits. It’s so obvious you put effort into it…
    It does really stink to send lovely things out and never get a reply, but you’ll definitely find that one pen pal who will write to you. Don’t give up!!


    1. Thank you so much! And I really am a bit of a sucker for this colour combination – makes me think of sun shining down through the light green leaves of birch trees (but then again, my mind has been known to wander…:P).
      It does stink, but no worries, I’m not giving up – I enjoy the process of making these little things far too much!

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  4. Wow! Gorgeous letter! I agree with the others that it could have been lost and may have sadly found itself in some dead letter office. 😦 Hope springs eternal! Maybe you need to start your own snailmail club… or I invite you to take a peek at a small group of writers at We are always looking for more pen pals. Write on!


    1. Thank you! And maybe that did happen. My own snailmail club would be fun – but I definitely don’t have enough people following this blog to set it up. I’m quite busy with new penpals right now anyway, and looking for more longterm arrangements. I’ve followed the tumblr though, and might join in later!


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