My first mail exchange with Laura

PLEASE NOTE: Edit. I’ve now heard back from Laura, who explained that it’s been hard keeping the mail exchange project on schedule due to school commitments – as a final year I can completely understand that. Packages may get delayed, but everything should be running smoothly enough!

I was introduced to Laura Watson’s Bimonthly Mail Exchange a few months back. Since I was going to be moving, I didn’t want to send something off until I knew my future address. In the end, I sent off this countryside fair themed set.

I love the small envelopes I got from the pound shop at the beginning of term – they’re great for putting small notes into. For those of you unfamiliar with mail tag, here’s an introduction.

I included a banner made from embroidery thread and washi tape – a nice little pop of colour.

I’ve seen some of Laura’s mail art packages on her website, and I’m really excited to receive my own soon. I’d recommend you all go check her page out, and consider participating in the mail exchange!


5 thoughts on “My first mail exchange with Laura

  1. Hiya! I’ve bookmarked Laura’s site and am planning to join the mail exchange soon. Glad to have come across your blog 🙂 Happy snailmailing!


    1. That’s really great – I love introducing people to fun art projects and Laura definitely deserves the attention! Glad you enjoy the blog, I’m just starting out but liking it so far 🙂 Happy snail mailing!

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  2. Your letters are always so beautiful! The color scheme feels so fresh, and the little banner is adorable!
    I might check out Laura’s project, too. It looks really interesting.


  3. Thank you! I was feeling particularly summery when I made it. The banner is super easy to make – just fold washitape over embroidery thread and ta-da 🙂
    Do it! You can send in anything that fits your style and you get some of her fantastic artwork back, it’s a win win!


  4. OMG! OMG! I saw the address and lost my mind a little!! Laura is from my neighbouring town!!! What are the odds? Like the town RIGHT OVER! 😀 😀 How cool is that??? Or ..maybe creepy for her lol


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