A little while back I was feeling sorry for my empty mailbox and was looking around tumblr for new pen pals. I came across this post, where someone offers to send anyone who wants one a friendship bracelet. Since I rather like them but haven’t worn one in years, I decided to send of a request.

A few weeks later, I received this:

Again, sorry about the picture quality – had to take this one with my phone.

Pink isn’t really my colour, but there’s no questioning that it’s a really well made bracelet. I also think the cards is quite fun. As I’ve mentioned before I’ve been making some merit badges, and I decided to send her one as a thank you.

I didn’t put a title to this one, since I didn’t really know the recipient. But I had a few different ideas in my head, all equally cheesy. “I liked it, so I put a ring on it”, “Planet of Love” and other such ridiculousness. And then I wrote a letter and wrapped it all up nicely with an air mail theme.

For the stationary I was using this free printable I found online – it’s really nice and prints exceptionally well.10/10 would recommend!


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