Sending a little love

Last year I did a study abroad exchange as a part of my university course. I was lucky enough to end up at Cornell, and I’m really happy about the nine months I spent in the US. I had the opportunity to travel a lot – I managed to see New York, Boston, Washington DC, New Orleans, Las Vegas, San Francisco, L.A. and more. I met some truly amazing people during my travels, and made some great friends at Cornell. While seeing my family and friends back home was fantastic, I now miss some of those pretty faces and sharp minds. And what better way to deal with it than a note saying so?

I at first thought I’d just write a little card, but then realized it wouldn’t be enough and started sticking in pages with washi tape. I tried to make sure that the pages had a slight layer effect, allowing you to see some of the others as you read one of them.

I used my mom’s Sizzix Big Shot – that thing is so much fun – to emboss some cardstock, to once again get that shift in texture.

I’ve strewn small gemstones in matching colour throughout the booklet, and some of my old alphabet stickers which went really well with the colour scheme. All inserts were on different types of paper with varying designs, so keeping the colours coherent were important.

Since I was feeling very nostalgic as I made this, I filled the last page with post-its where I scribbled a few memories and in-jokes. A quick way to mention a lot of things that make me smile an think of her.

It’s currently in the mail, and I’m hoping she’ll be happily surprised to find this little booklet-card in the mail box.


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