Don’t Worry, Be Happy

I have some of the absolute best friends available out there. They’ve been there for me when I needed it, they’ve put up with my occasional bullshit, they’re super smart and accomplished, and absolutely rad people to boot. And it really sucks when they’re feeling down, because sometimes there’s just nothing much you can do about it.

One of my friends,who just so happens to be one of the most overall impressive women I know, has been going through a rough patch of her life for a while now. A little while back, I decided to send her a small surprise letter, hoping it might put a small silver lining on that day’s grey cloud.

I used a plain lined paper from a notebook – which was admittedly a little too thin and bendy, but I didn’t have anything else at hand. There’re a lot of different textures going on too – the dotted oval is made from felt, all the glitter letters are coarse, there’s shiny washi tape and matte papers.

I included a small embroidered merit badge that I like to make – “For being bright”, in every sense of the word.

The picture below gives you an idea of the 3D feel to it I was trying to build – while still of course making sure it was flat enough to sit nicely in the envelope. I do think it’s fun when the letter feels like it ‘pops’.

My letter was split into two notes, one of which was the actual letter. The other one was a quick list of songs that I think are great for silly dancing (try listening to Kennedy’s “Karate” without ridiculously grooving, I dare you).

All in all, I think my impromptu card turned out pretty great.


3 thoughts on “Don’t Worry, Be Happy

  1. Jeez, that entire ensemble is adorable… I love how you combined different things to get such an awesome end result. Plus, letters that are “3D” are super exciting to receive (especially if they contain dance-y songs!) so I’m sure you provided some sunshine for your friend.


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