Exchanging air mail

In response to a previous post I got a request to exchange air mail labels with a girl from Malaysia. While I myself only had Royal Mail stickers, she collects air mail labels and was quite excited to get a hold of some from the UK.

As a part of the exchange¬†I included some stamps, since she collects those too, to make up for the lack of mix in air mail stickers. At least there were a bunch of them!¬†I also found some packaging labels, and since they fit so well with the colour scheme I threw them in too – after all, some of them say air mail, even if they aren’t official post labels.

In return, I got this lovely little letter in my mail box from Meryl.

The picture doesn’t quite do the cuteness of the envelope justice, and I absolutely love the big floral stamps! The key focus of the letter was of course the air mail labels, and they too were lovely.

Really enjoyed this little swap, and might very well do some more in the future!


This is for: YOU.

Next on the list to receive a little book of notes from me is Vetrica. Vetrica was my room mate during my year at Cornell, and let me tell you, she’s fantastic. In both Sweden and England it’s really uncommon to have room mates – you have flat mates and house mates and people in the same corridor, but you don’t actually share the same room with anyone. Your room is your space, and I like having some space that is my own. But since I was dedicated to trying out the American college experience the American way, I signed up to have a room mate.

Vetrica is the kind of room mate that’s so easy to get along with that you feel a little silly for worrying in the first place. And since I got used to having her special brand of awesome around, I miss her now¬†that we’re on opposite sides of the planet. And what better reason to send a letter?

After a lot of flipping through my scrapbook papers, I finally settled on a few papers to guide the colour scheme. Mint is one of my favourite colours, and I have a tendency to reach for it first. The same thing goes for lime green. This time I combined it with various shades of brown, going for a sort of modernized vintage feel (does that even make any sense?).

Here’s another picture that shows off the layers, I’m a total sucker for it.

The little banner was sold as a cupcake topper, but I think it stands in quite well as an embellishment.

The embossed typewriter key card I made using my mother’s Sizzix machine – she’s on their design team, and does some pretty amazing scrapbooking (shout out!). Since I love typewriters, I carried that through on the final page with a stamp cut out.

Much like the last book of notes, the final page has a number of memory snippets with things that make me think of her.

Until next time, all the best.

Answering my first penpal ad

After having pinned a big board full of snail mail inspiration, trying out swapbot for a while, and having sent off some letters to people I know, it felt like time for something new. Largely because I knew that what I wanted was a penpal, and for all that I enjoyed sending notes and surprises to some  of my friends replies were sparse.

I’d been keeping up with Penpal of the Week for some time, and figured I’d take the opportunity to write to someone from there.

With summer still strong I decided to use greens and yellows. To contrast those soft colours I used stark blacks and whites. And for no other reason than a general fondness I mixed it all up with a bunch of kraft coloured papers I found in an old notebook.

I had a really fun time putting this together, and quickly decided that I wanted to include a lot of small tidbits and separate notes. Part of that was the small circular tag. I’m in love with the vintage stamps I used for this, and especially like the way they look on textured cardstock.

Writing to a new person who you really don’t know is always hard, but thanks to the generally quite extensive ads that people send to Julie at¬†Penpal of the Week it becomes easier.

I wrapped this little package for Crystal up in a nice little dotted ribbon before putting it in the envelope.

I also used one of my wax seals as a final touch. Since it would be going through the mail (internationally at that) I made sure to use the flexible wax – that way, you don’t have to worry about it cracking and breaking before it reaches it’s recipient!

Unfortunately, due to no reply despite a few months having passed, I have to assume that Crystal decided that I wasn’t the pen pal she was looking for. Nonetheless, I was happy with the effort I put into this little starter package.

My first mail exchange with Laura

PLEASE NOTE: Edit. I’ve now heard back from Laura, who explained that it’s been hard keeping the mail exchange project on schedule due to school commitments – as a final year I can completely understand that. Packages may get delayed, but everything should be running smoothly enough!

I was introduced to Laura Watson’s Bimonthly Mail Exchange¬†a few months back. Since I was going to be moving, I didn’t want to send something off until I knew my future address. In the end, I sent off this countryside fair themed set.

I love the small envelopes I got from the pound shop at the beginning of term – they’re great for putting small notes into. For those of you unfamiliar with mail tag, here’s an introduction.

I included a banner made from embroidery thread and washi tape – a nice little pop of colour.

I’ve seen some of Laura’s mail art packages on her website, and I’m really excited to receive my own soon. I’d recommend you all go check her page out, and consider participating in the mail exchange!

Mini craft swap

Mini craft swap

A little while back¬†I was feeling sorry for my empty mailbox and was looking around tumblr for new pen pals. I came across this post, where someone offers to send anyone who wants one a friendship bracelet. Since I rather like them but haven’t worn one in years, I decided to send of a request.

A few weeks later, I received this:

Again, sorry about the picture quality – had to take this one with my phone.

Pink isn’t really my colour, but there’s no questioning that it’s a really well made bracelet. I also think the cards is quite fun. As I’ve mentioned before I’ve been making some merit badges, and I decided to send her one as a thank you.

I didn’t put a title to this one, since I didn’t really know the recipient. But I had a few different ideas in my head, all equally cheesy. “I liked it, so I put a ring on it”, “Planet of Love” and other such¬†ridiculousness. And then I wrote a letter and wrapped it all up nicely with an air mail theme.

For the stationary I was using this free printable I found online – it’s really nice and prints exceptionally well.10/10 would recommend!

Sending a little love

Last year I did a study abroad exchange as a part of my university course. I was lucky enough to end up at Cornell, and I’m really happy about the nine months I spent in the US. I had the opportunity to travel a lot – I managed to see New York, Boston, Washington DC, New Orleans, Las Vegas, San Francisco, L.A. and more. I met some truly amazing people¬†during my travels, and made some great friends at Cornell. While seeing my family and friends back home was fantastic, I now miss some of those pretty faces and sharp minds. And what better way to deal with it than a note saying so?

I at first thought I’d just write a little card, but then realized it wouldn’t be enough and started sticking¬†in pages with washi tape. I tried to make sure that the pages had a slight layer effect, allowing you to see some of the others as you read one of them.

I used my mom’s Sizzix Big Shot – that thing is so much fun – to emboss some cardstock, to once again get that shift in texture.

I’ve strewn small gemstones in matching colour throughout the booklet, and some of my old alphabet stickers which went really well with the colour scheme. All inserts were¬†on different types of paper with varying designs, so keeping the colours coherent were important.

Since I was feeling very nostalgic as I made this, I filled the last page with post-its where I scribbled a few memories and in-jokes. A quick way to mention a lot of things that make me smile an think of her.

It’s currently in the mail, and I’m hoping she’ll be¬†happily surprised¬†to find this little booklet-card¬†in the mail box.

Swapbot planner pack: Orange and blue

When I decided that I wanted to write more letters at the beginning of this summer¬†I didn’t know where to start. I ended up¬†using Swapbot¬†quite a bit, and overall really enjoyed it. I received some really fantastic packages from people, and I had a lot of fun putting together small things. Below is one of them.

The pockets are attached sideways, so that when open they are sideways and openly layered. But when you close it they all fit within the outer edges of the card.

The small tuck-ins you see in the top picture all go into the light blur pocket in the back. The other two pockets have a bunch of other small things in them. They’re all rather packed, which was the point because I wanted it to feel ‘bursting’.

I also made some small paper clip flags – and attached them to them side of the card.

And I really liked the stamps I used on this envelope – I found them in an old binder and the colour scheme is really nice, I think.